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You can count on PPS

Making sure that you have great custom packaging that represents your brand in a way that people will remember, even in the beginnings when you’re dealing with lower quantities is paramount. The efficiency for doing this is achieved through special digital printing and die-cutting methods along with low cost high quality manual work to achieve beautiful custom packages and box designs that your customers will be impressed with and will make an impression on them for the future.

The key to cost efficiency in what you are doing now is lining up with a company who specializes in small quantity boxes and has for many years. This allows you the expertise of a big experienced box package carton maker and the ability to have reasonable prices while you are launching your brand. The other great idea here is that after you have launched, when it’s time for larger quantities, we are positioned to help you with that as well and we know how to deliver economical truckloads when the time is right. A great product at a fair price is what you can always expect from Personalized Packaging Systems TM.

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Competitor Comparison

NO CUTTING DIE REQUIREDMOST REQUIRE ITCost of a cutting Die usually cost $600-$1,500
NO PRINT PLATES REQUIREDMOST REQUIRE ONE FOR EACH COLORCost of a plate per COLOR usually cost between $500 to $1,000 per printing plate
PPS PRINT MATTE FINISH OR GLOSS (UV COATING)FLEXO PRINT/PLATE PER COLORFlexo Printing provides quality printing but up front cost can be costly before you print the first box. PPS printing is on par with Flexo printing and can tranpose and print a picture.
NO UP-CHARGES FOR MULTI COLOR PROCESS OR WHITEUP CHARGE PER COLORFlexo printing requires setups for each color. PPS printing does not require setups.
PRINT STOCK(OVER 1,000 SIZES) OR CUSTOM BOXES/MAILERSONLY CUSTOM OR LIMITED STOCKPPS printing allows printing on premade mailer and glued boxes. Flexo printing does not.
NO MINIMUM QUANTITYMOST 100 QTY MINIMUMPPS Print has virtually no setup, and is ideal for exact quantity, small quantities, and larger quantities.
PROVIDE PRINTED SAMPLE OF BOX/MAILERWILL PROVIDE PICTUREPPS can provide a sample if needed. The setups that occur with Flexo printing makes it virtually impossible for an actual sample.
PACKAGING DESIGNER IN HOUSE, 30 YEARS EXPERIENCEUNKOWNWe have had many success stories by listening to our customers to provide exactly what they want.
We can provide a CUSTOM insert for your particular items. No cutting die or for printing no printing plates required.UNKNOWNWe can design an insert that holds your items, protects them and gives your customers the WOW factor.

Let us print on your naked boxes

PPS can personalize almost anything in our SQB Online PLAIN (Naked) store catalog. You can browse to identify the type and style product you want BUY IT UN-BRANDED…. THEN – in the “checkout” SHIPPING OPTIONS select “PERSONALIZE YOUR ORDER / CUSTOMER PICKUP ” We will call or email to discuss your brand, when we see your order, before we make it!

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What our customers are saying.


I would recommend Small Quantity Boxes (DBA Personalized Packaging Systems) because they have a helpful staff ready to help with any packaging project!

Tracy Romzek
Kick Ash Basket | Owner


I do a lot of the custom printing now that they started to get into this which is big for our company and our customers. This is something in the future we will use a lot of!

Tom Dunsirn
Sunset Hill Stoneware | Owner

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