Start-Ups & New Product Packaging Supply

The old adage. Is you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So you need to remember packaging and the effect it’s going to have on your first customers when you’re starting? It’s extremely important to include that in your planning. Because the experience of opening that package and seeing it….. Is almost as Valuable and important as the people actually using the product for its intended purpose.

Whether it’s a brand new product and your brand new company and you’re trying to put your best foot forward or if it’s a new product development within your company that’s a test or test marketing and you need some great packaging and some great ideas.

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What our customers are saying.


I would recommend Small Quantity Boxes (DBA Personalized Packaging Systems) because they have a helpful staff ready to help with any packaging project!

Tracy Romzek
Kick Ash Basket | Owner


I do a lot of the custom printing now that they started to get into this which is big for our company and our customers. This is something in the future we will use a lot of!

Tom Dunsirn
Sunset Hill Stoneware | Owner

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