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Reasons to invest in “Dressed Up” bulk outer shipment packaging:

  • Establishes brand recognition and loyalty
  • Conveys product quality and safety
  • Differentiates products from competitors
  • Supports marketing and advertising efforts
  • Differentiates products from competitors

  • Protects products during transport
  • Increases customer trust and confidence
  • Enhances the unboxing experience for customers.
  • Protects product quality, freshness, and integrity
  • Enhances customer experience and satisfaction

Featured Industries

Let us print on your naked boxes

PPS can personalize almost anything in our SQB Online PLAIN (Naked) store catalog. You can browse to identify the type and style product you want BUY IT UN-BRANDED…. THEN – in the “checkout” SHIPPING OPTIONS select “PERSONALIZE YOUR ORDER / CUSTOMER PICKUP ” We will call or email to discuss your brand, when we see your order, before we make it!

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What our customers are saying.


I would recommend Small Quantity Boxes (DBA Personalized Packaging Systems) because they have a helpful staff ready to help with any packaging project!

Tracy Romzek
Kick Ash Basket | Owner


I do a lot of the custom printing now that they started to get into this which is big for our company and our customers. This is something in the future we will use a lot of!

Tom Dunsirn
Sunset Hill Stoneware | Owner

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