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This is an area where we can’t talk too much. That is because of the confidentiality and special relationships we have with some of the world’s largest corrugated and carton manufacturing companies. They are also members of industry associations like AICC and TAPPI.

Here is your dilemma and how we fix it. Your big plant is running at peak production speed, efficiencies are everywhere and wonderful…. And one of your top customers needs only 500 or 1000 specialized customized boxes. You want to help him, but you know that doesn’t match your huge volume capabilities and efficiencies that allow you to price and produce with the quality and speed your customers expect. That’s why some of the top corrugated companies in the country come to us when they have small jobs. The need to get it done professionally and they allow us on their behalf to handle those jobs.

We keep it confidential and work directly with them AND with their customer to satisfy them. The customer always knows that the good stuff they’re getting from us came from their main supplier. We respect that always and appreciate the trust you have in us to work with your most precious customers. It becomes a great win-win for everyone involved.

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What our customers are saying.


I would recommend Small Quantity Boxes (DBA Personalized Packaging Systems) because they have a helpful staff ready to help with any packaging project!

Tracy Romzek
Kick Ash Basket | Owner


I do a lot of the custom printing now that they started to get into this which is big for our company and our customers. This is something in the future we will use a lot of!

Tom Dunsirn
Sunset Hill Stoneware | Owner

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