Here’s an extra special introduction to our new packaging helper mascot, Packaging Pete and the new Personalized Packaging SystemsTM (PPS) brand.

Packaging Pete will make you smile because he is here to help differentiate your experience with us from anyone else you may have worked with or considered. With your creativity…. And your dreams … And your hopes about your new product… About your old products… about your future sales … About the success of your company: You need people working for you who know how to have fun, and express themselves in attractive, emotional and wonderful ways that are all about helping you be more successful. Packaging Pete is part of the team who does that for you. He is great friends with Sad Box Sammy and always out to help make Sammy… happy!

Don’t Package NakedTM

This slogan is another way to find us because we are also at
We’re helping you visualize the idea that you’re plain shipping boxes or packaging are not helping you grow your business, attract new customers, or build share of mind for your brand and product line in your target markets. Branding your packaging is essential to searing who you are, what you are, and what you do into the minds of your customers and potential customers. When you miss all the “mind share touch-point” opportunities for someone to see your box and have that indelibly printed in their mind then that box is naked. We encourage you to consider the real cost of missing expanded brand awareness and PLEASE Don’t Package Nakedtm !

We Don’t want to leave out Sad Box Sammy

Sad Box Sammy is this sweet well-intentioned caring character who wants to do it all right but finds himself struggling with all the same issues every manufacturer and purveyor of products experiences trying to balance cost, time, effort, and resources with practical packaging protection and function. Sammy can get the product “there” safely but no one notices him. Good things happen for Sammy when he is discovered by Packaging Pete from Personalized Packaging SystemsTM (PPS). We love Sad Box Sammy.