Half Slotted Container with Cover – HSC Boxes

Product Details:

The HSC is open on the top. The flaps on the bottom meet in the middle for the ease of taping. The HSC with a cover is frequently used for shipping, self-storage and applications where the cover must be removed and replace frequently. Printing available on all panels (length, width and depth, includes bottom flaps). Available in various materials. Printing available on all panels (length, width and depth, includes bottom flaps)


  • This a flat sheet that has been scored and slotted to the size of the HSC. 
  • When it is folded, tape or staples can be used to hold the corners together.
  • The cover can also be made where it is a self-lock and no tape or stitching is required

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I would recommend Small Quantity Boxes (DBA Personalized Packaging Systems) because they have a helpful staff ready to help with any packaging project!

Tracy Romzek
Kick Ash Basket | Owner


I do a lot of the custom printing now that they started to get into this which is big for our company and our customers. This is something in the future we will use a lot of!

Tom Dunsirn
Sunset Hill Stoneware | Owner

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